Tetra Homes Birddog program

Welcome to the Majorwave Property’s Birddog Program. Majorwave Property is a leader in the residential real estate investment market with its corporate offices in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A birddog program is a program whereby we use your eyes and quality work to find us additional properties to acquire. You can honestly make great money in your spare time using your own schedule. It really is as simple as that. We call our birddogs “Locators” as we feel that is a more professional moniker for this important job.

Because of our unique place in the market, we are constantly in need of an on-going supply of properties for all of our investors to buy. Our criteria are really quite simple. We look for residential property that are for sale by owner (FSBO). These homes can be vacant or occupied by the seller. However, we are not looking for properties listed with Realtors® as we can find them by searching the local MLS listings.

The only area that we are looking for property at the current time is:

  • OH:  Cincinnati

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