Tetra Homes Birddog program

How You Will Make Money

Simply stated: You will make money by finding us “leads” for houses and condos that fit our criteria.

Our program is a little different than other real estate investment firms. We want our Locators to maximize the use of their time by focusing on doable deals; not just compile listings of FSBOs. For leads that meet our simple criteria within the designated target city, we nominally pay between 0.5% and 1.0% for each lead that becomes a successful acquisition to our portfolio. The full fee is earned by submitting the properly completed form with a photo of the vacant property to our office with specific information, thereby saving us time to focus on actually making the deal. Of course, any home that is listed with a Realtor® cannot be used due to the nature of their agency relationship.

But we also allow you to participate in helping us in other areas of real estate.  If you direct a lease option renter to our property, once we acquire it, we pay another $250 bonus. If you direct a buyer to our home after we acquire it, we pay a flat $1,000. You can see that once you join our team, your earnings are a direct product of your time and your hard work.

Are there a lot of vacant properties out there for you to spot They are everywhere! Are there a lot of qualified FSBO properties out there? You betcha. The landscape of available homes is in a sea of flux. New ones become available on the market everyday.

There are also a lot of homes that the owners would like to sell without a lot of hassle. They may need to sell because of bad tenants, family illness, divorce, death or job transfer. So keep your ear down to the street to find good homes too.

Not to point out the obvious, but all you need is transportation, a digital camera, a computer with an email address, a phone and a little time that works within your schedule and the drive to succeed.

Because we operate in a more professional manner than a number of “so called” real estate investment firms, there is a small cost to become a Tetra Homes locator in the amount of $250.00. This fee defrays the initial cost of setting up your account, the purchase of your business cards, the initial forms for your use and our initial time. However, this fee is fully refunded by crediting 100% of the fee for the first accepted home. This fee also cuts down on the number of “tire kickers” who would like to be a birddog but really don't have the drive and self determination it takes to be successful.  We don't believe we should have to pay the price for those individuals that are not serious.

However, and quite honestly, this cost is cheaper than 1 credit hour at a university. If you aren't willing to commit $250.00 to your future than why should we commit any of our time and energy?

If you are ready to get started now, simply fill in the “Basic Information Form” located below. We will review the form and call you to talk with you before you begin so you can ask any questions. We will also give you a user name and password so you can access the “Forms” section of this website and provide the real estate leads you find for us online.

Basic Information Form


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